Upcoming Projects


My “Mobile Arts Residency,” which begins in June, will enable me to be overseas for at least six months, and to commit this time completely to music development, performance and teaching.  I have projects in the works, both solo and collaborative.  This convergence of invitations and opportunities will allow me, without distractions, to create my music career path for the long run.

I’ll also be documenting all of my live performances and creating new sound collages to create my own concept CD. I’ll be recording in a mine, in the underground, in cathedrals, in bunkers! I’m so excited!

Here are some of the projects that are coming up soon!


Lectures on Prague and experimental performance at CIEE-Karlov University


My voice improvisation workshop “Listen to the Silence,” and a new collaborative resonant space workshop will be the subject of a documentary film by Czech journalist/director Petr Slaby with the cooperation of Czech voice teaching center Hlasohled.


Collaborative Performances with scholar/musician Pavla Jonsonnova (Zuby Nehty) and feminist scholar/keyboardist Mirek Vodražka.




Project development with collage artist/performer/monster puppet maker Breeda CC and kinetic arts/monster makers Dead Chickens for a new performance in the Monsterkabinett.



Lago di Garda (Brescia), IT:

Collaboration and recording with guitarist/electronic musician Luca Formentini and Engineer/Producer Stefano Castagna of Ritmo&Blu Studios in Pozzolengo near Brescia.




International Electronic Looping Festival and short tour of Looping performances in Bern, Bergen and Berlin in conjunction with Emmanuel Reveneau/The Lucid Brain Integrative Project.

And More:

I’ll be developing my new solo sound collage and composition recording project.

Finally! I’ll be creating new works for Max Mathews’ and developer Diane Douglas’ experimental Phaser Filters program, including my intermedia work “Ballast,” which features text by California poet Michelle Murphy, electronic looping and video by Massachusetts-based video artist Greg Kowalski.

I’m so excited! I am so grateful for such wonderful opportunities and challenges.

And, still in negotiation:

Arts and performance residency at Skolska 28 Gallery to develop site-specific solo vocal performance and resonant space recordings.


Performance and workshop at Dul Michal(The Coal Mine Michal) in Ostrava, CZ


Arranging venues for conducting “Listen to the Silence” in Brescia, Paris, Berlin and all cities in which I perform…

and more coming soon!