Laurie Amat is an acclaimed vocalist, improvisational performer, experimental composer and teacher. Her approach to singing is informed by broad experience including pop, rock, traditional and inventive opera, spoken word, video, dance, theater and performance art.

Ms. Amat’s talent for inspiring upcoming vocalists and other artists stems from her focus on the power of the voice as an instrument to convey a pure expression of direct human emotions and story through technique, raw talent and experimentation.

She has performed pure-voice, site-specific resonant space pieces internationally in such traditional venues as concert halls, museums and galleries, cathedrals and alternative spaces including castles, bunkers, cisterns, rivers and concrete overpasses. She is also known for her solo and collaborative performances throughout Europe, including projects with The Residents, Czech scholar/keyboardist Mirek Vodražka and the Sad Song Singers (Deutsch Nepal and Der Blutarsch).

Her recording and performance techniques have expanded to use electronic devices as sound-altering instruments. The resulting electronic manipulation and looping of vocal sounds support the emotional element and enhances improvised solo and ensemble works.

Ms. Amat’s European performances have included her five-country concert and lecture tour including multiple performances in Prague’s Alternativa Festival, Club Echschloraque in Berlin and Dal Verme with the Basque Cultural Society in Rome, and collaborative recording in Stockholm with Boysen. In Prague, she also conducted her voice workshop “Listen to the Silence” and lecture workshops at the Anglo American University and Charles University ECES. She also appeared in spontaneous and planned multiple East Coast solo, multi-media and collaborative projects collaboration performances Manhattan, Providence and Boston.

She is currently planning a European “Mobile Artist’s Residency” beginning in June 2013 with solo and collaborative performances and recordings, continued development of her voice/improvisation workshop “Listen to the Silence”, and an exploration of poetry and sound, “Ballast” based on a poem by Michelle Murphy.

She has performed
She has most recently appeared in SF Sinfonietta’s Mozart Requiem, multiple works of John Cage, and her own original acoustic and electronic looping performances at such venues as Tom’s Place, the Luggage Store Gallery and in “Garden of Memory” at Chapel of the Chimes. She has also returned to her lyrical roots with a retrospective concert of the music of longtime collaborator J. Raoul Brody.

Ms. Amat is currently working on her exploration of poetry and sound with “Ballast” by Michelle Murphy and the continuing development of her voice/improvisation workshop “Listen to the Silence”, collaboration with poet/musician CJ Borosque, and her first new “band” project in many years, singing in San Francisco’s Django Mack.
Laurie Amat has been called “The Voice on Everyone’s Lips”. She explores the broad possibilities of voice, breath and body in live performance, recording and multimedia. Ms. Amat’s approach to singing has always stemmed from the power of the voice as an instrument which conveys natural human emotion. The result is a visceral and sensual exploration, which continually challenges boundaries.

She performs a wide range of music including modern chamber and opera works, experimental structured and improvised solo and ensemble works, punk rock and popular song. Ms. Amat has sung everywhere from small salons, alternative performance spaces, clubs and underground pubs to galleries, cathedrals, castles, movie palaces, bunkers, tunnels and symphony halls. Ms. Amat is also well known and respected for her solo and collaborative performances throughout Europe, with critically acclaimed appearances in festivals, symposia and technical artworks.

Her present projects include collaborations with Czech scholar/keyboardist Mirek Vodražka and NY based improvisation ensemble SWIRM, with percussionist David Grollman and trumpet player Brad Henkel is developing performances with Diane Douglas’ PHASER CHORDS program based on the late computer music pioneer and long time collaborator Max Mathews’ experimental tuneable PHASER FILTER system.
Recent projects include performances in the California NOISEFEST and LOOPFEST music festivals, multiple performances in the Music in Motion with vocalist Bob Marsh’s series at the Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco and
Ms. Amat’s experimental checkered past also includes performances and recordings with The Residents including her vocal direction/vocals for the critically acclaimed “Residents’ Freak Show” performed in Prague, CZ and Ty’s Freak Show in collaboration with Todd Rundgren, the 1997 Alternativa Festival(Solo and with TonTon Macoutes), numerous Czech and American instrumentalist/electronic artists including the Sad Song Singers with Lina Baby of Deutsche Nepal and Albin Julius of Der Blutarsch and also soundtracks for independent directors Chip Lord, Paul Bartel, Alex Cox(Sid and Nancy) and Finnish filmmaker/director Ilppo Pohjola.
In addition to her extensive solo voice-work, she collaborates in a wide range of groups and performers such as film/music group Overdub Club/Cinepimps, guitarist The Reverend Screaming Fingers (Lucio Menegon), The Ambassador of Trouts (Adrian Gormley) and is a member of the Porn Orchestra.
She is also part of the Tromso, Norway based international music project “World Opera”, frequent collaborator with composer/pianist Mirek Vodraska and is well known and respected for her solo and collaborative performances throughout Europe, with critically acclaimed appearances in festivals, symposia and technical artworks, including Nuremburg based dancemedia group Palindrome’s “Heisenberg”.
As a composer she has created music for film, dance and multimedia works, including Frieder Weiss’ Blau Fluss for the Goethe Institute, Jakub Kalousec’s “Flipping”, Cecil B. Feeder’s documentary “Our Lady of Tamale” and 21 Grand’s installation of Joanie Blank’s “Faces of Ecstacy”.

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